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Proprietor Chris Sporton B.Ed.(Phys Ed)., Dip R.M., Cert IV TAA, Dip Pol Sup, Cert IV M.T.P., Level 2 First Aid
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One on One Personal Training

One on one training can be expensive.  But it’s a great investment in your health and if you choose the right trainer is more than worth the cost,
especially when it's not as expensive as you thought!

The truth is we're not all that motivated to do the things we sometimes know we should. You could join a gym... but would you know what to do? After
your initial P.T. session will you stick to your program?  

That's where the personal trainer comes in. But don't bother with the gym - come straight to the source. I've worked in plenty of gyms where cookie
cutter style programs full of the latest fitness gimmicks work wonders... for 15 minutes! You're better off with a program that is based on current
researched training principles that will help you achieve your goals be they weight loss, fitness or a range of other things.

Plus I'm 'low cost' because I have few overheads.

What Will You Do in the Session?

The sessions I run are straight forward hard training sessions aimed at intensity. These sessions are time efficient, hard work and always succeed.
I'll contextualise a program for you where you will know you've been working very hard.  But it will be over in 45 minutes (plus warm up and cool
down). Current research says you never need to work longer than this if you do the right type of exercise.

The sessions consist firstly of superset weight training. Two multi joint exercises, usually with mutually exclusive prime movers (but sometimes we
'blitz' a muscle group) done one after the other without a break, followed by a short break and then repeated for two more sets. So normally three
supersets with maximum weights allowing 3 sets of 8 to start with. The weight training is immediately followed by some interval training (these days
called HIIT) usually on a spin bike, but running if you prefer (I do! But running's not for everyone...)45 minutes of very hard work that will reward you
with physical changes to your body. Increased muscle mass (less so for girls - but still some 'shape') and decreased body fat.

And the advantage is you don't have to think about it. I'll manage your program... the exercises, the weight, the reps, the rest, the order, when to
change up your program, when to ramp it up, how to manage injuries and illness, and I'll monitor your progress. It's in my interests to make it work
for you... and all you have to do is turn up in your gym clothes with a water bottle. Too easy!

Your first session is free and starts with a physical assessment that takes about 45 minutes. So don't hesitate - book now - use the button up on the
right. Book in for your free assessment and we can make a start.

How Much?
No memberships, no requirements to book long term, stop when you want, start again when you want, go on holidays or away on business and
we'll work around it. Bookings are allocated on a weekly basis so your commitment is only for a week at a time.

The cost decreases according to how many times you book for the week.

Three sessions per week - $40 per session
Two sessions per week - $50 per session
One session per week - $70 per session

Much cheaper than your gym P.T.

Don't wait... book in now... click the button up to the right and choose 'P.T. Assessment'

I forgot to mention that the above prices also apply to a pair of you providing you are doing the same exercises.

Couples, friends, mates, or even a stranger if you like! So you can have personalised P.T. sessions three times
a week for $20 each! Too cheap!!!! (but very effective!)