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Fix Your Body Massage + Fitness | 25 Verbena St, Blackburn North Victoria 3130 | mobile 0414 331 629 | ABN 95 654 931 799
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Proprietor Chris Sporton B.Ed.(Phys Ed)., Dip R.M., Cert IV TAA, Dip Pol Sup, Cert IV M.T.P., Level 2 First Aid
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Why would you need a massage?

To recover... from what?

Maybe just hard work... sitting all day, standing all day, repetitive actions, hard working conditions, hard training...

Neck and Shoulder Pain
I specialise in mobilising your neck and shoulders using neural stretching, strain / counter strain techniques, trigger point
therapy and of course deep tissue massage.. Symptoms such as headaches, lack of movement, torticollis (when you wake up
with a stiff neck after sleeping), sore shoulders and the like should be treated as early as possible.  Failure to treat these
symptoms can lead to functional issues becoming structural after which the repair process is more problematic.  Proper
mobilisation can minimise the frequency and intensity of headaches, regain pain free movement in your head and neck and
minimise the chance of development of issues like frozen shoulder.

Sports Injuries
I also specialise in reducing pain from injury... damaged soft tissue - that is - muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia caused
by a particular thing that has happened or related to over use or muscular imbalance.  I'm happy to work in conjunction with
other health service providers such as physiotherapists, osteopaths and sports physicians by doing the work they prefer not
to do - appropriate soft tissue manipulation for 45 minutes.  I'm better at it than them - they're more qualified at diagnosis and
more invasive manipulation techniques.

Remedial massage is designed just for these circumstances.  Hard deep massage at the right spot using the right techniques
increase blood flow and separates muscle fibres to assist recovery.  It has been regularly researched to shorten periods of
pain and injury by 50%.  

Fix Your Body clients are about a 50/50 male to female ratio and include tradesmen, sports people of all sorts, office workers,
mums with kids (you should alternate the carrying hip regularly), stress heads and the like.  Massage will give you good
results even if you don't think you need it... because actually you do!

Reactions to Deep Tissue Massage
People will react differently to treatment techniques based on their prior experience, pain threshold and the issue being
treated.  Most people report that they enjoy the pressure.  For those not used to deep tissue techniques it may take a few
treatments to get to this point.  People are often drowsy afterwards (pain endorphins, oxytocin production etc) buy enjoy the
feeling.  Massage is best towards the end of the day unless you can get a kip in at lunchtime after the massage.  To get the
best effect it's best not to do too much for the rest of the day unless it's a pre game sports massage. The next day some
people experience pain something like workout pain that gradually goes away in a couple of day.  In some cases the pain can
be more than expected, and yo need massage are felt afterwards when the body reacts to the increased blood flow.  A
couple of day.  In some cases the pain can be more than expected, and yo need good massage will make you feel gradually
better for a week or so and then the to tell me next time so that the treatment can be adjusted.  The effects of the effects start
to taper off.  My two weeks (or less if you're more active) it's usually time for another treatment.

What Happens in a Remedial Massage Treatment?
We start with some assessment tests for a working diagnosis about what the exact issue is.  We'll then discuss a treatment
specifically for that day, and in more general terms an ongoing strategy.

sually we start with some neural stretching techniques or similar in relation to the issue at hand and then commence the
massage part of the treatment according to our plan.  

There are standard rules in relation to modesty and conduct that include things like me leaving the room whilst you undr
ess and dress for the massage, requirements for towel coverage of parts other than those being treated and minimum cloth
ing etc. which are common sense and can be found o
n the Massage and Myotherapy website.

The areas normally treated include the back, lower back / piriformis area, shoulders, neck, arms, legs and feet.  Of course, a
single massage can't treat all of these areas properly in 45 minutes and so the treatment plan discussion will decide the
treatment areas.  Similarly the techniques used will vary according to the plan and will be selected from things like neural
stretching, trigger point therapy, positional release, fascial release techniques and mysofascial cupping amongst others.  

After the treatment is complete we discuss any exercises or stretching activities we have included in the plan and I usually
send a follow up email with video for the activities.  We'll also discuss possible reactions to the treatment and what to do if
they are adverse.

Prior to leaving we finalise the paper work.  Payment on the day is required, and a tax invoice emailed to you where you can
claim some reimbursement from your health care provider if you have one.  Provide numbers are on the invoice.  If a further
booking is required (most times) then I can book you in ahead before you leave.