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Gym Programs

'I'm already a member somewhere else!"

Yes you may be a member at a local gym, or even a 24 hour access gym with great equipment and
convenience... but how accessible are the personal trainers?

And if they are, how do yo know they're any good?  Dig deeper and you'll find they earn on average $25
per hour after costs... so when they get to know what they're doing they often move on to work from
themselves.  And that's where I am.  Already there after 25 years experience.  I can write you a program
that will work or your money back.  And I'm cheaper that your gym P.T. because I don't have their

Book in for a Gym Program Session and we can get started.  As you're already a current gym member we
don't have to do an assessment on paper so it's straight into it after a brief discussion on what you want.
 Your gym program will have two different sessions that you do alternatively each time you work out so
book two sessions to for us to do each session.

You can book the second one after you attend for your first one if you like.  

You can also take the Gym Program option if you have some equipment at home.  The sessions require
minimal equipment - an adjustable dumbbell set up to about 25 kg per dumbbell (less if you're just
starting), and incline bench, a chin up bar (you can use a door frame bar), a fitness ball and an exercise
bike (or legs if you can run for your intervals).  If you've got other equipment we can incorporate it into your

How Much?
$70 per session.  Much cheaper than your gym P.T.

Don't wait... book in now... click the button at the top of the page and choose 'Gym Program Session'.