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Fix Your Body Massage + Fitness | 25 Verbena St, Blackburn North Victoria 3130 | mobile 0414 331 629 | ABN 95 654 931 799
www.fixyourbody.com.au | Email: chris@fixyourbody.com.au | AAMT 020130 | Physical Activity Australia KA23070
Proprietor Chris Sporton B.Ed.(Phys Ed)., Dip R.M., Cert IV TAA, Dip Pol Sup, Cert IV M.T.P., Level 2 First Aid
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Why Fix Your Body?

Sometimes choosing your new trainer seems like a gamble.  It would be easier if you could take the risk out of it.   Come for a
free no obligation fitness assessment where we measure you, do some initial tests and discuss your requirements - and see
if you like it.  

If the session doesn't convince you, don't book in.  Easy.  You can book your assessment session now by clicking on the
book now button up the top.

Why Come To Me?

1. I wont waste your time - 45-50 minutes in and out - at a work rate the same as you would use spending 90 minutes in the

2. I'm cheap - you can have one on one sessions for $40 if you want.  Even my standard rate is much cheaper than your gym

3. I know what I'm doing - I'm degree qualified physical educationist , not a 22 week trained P.T. I've been doing this for over 25

4. My sessions are evidence based - no wacky way out theories just straight science- everything is research based and
proven to work

5. No sit ups - only functional core strength activities that really work and multiple joint exercises that are time efficient

6. I can sort your diet out - again using research based principles that work we can change the way you eat and think about
food.  Did you know your gym P.T. is not qualified to give
any dietary advice?

7. Remedial massage - you can take advantage of discounted  massage sessions.  On the odd occasion you are very fatigued
a massage replaces your P.T. session at no extra cost.

8. One on One - boot camps are great but you can cheat.  I'll watch your form, make you do all the right reps and work at a
high intensity

9. Resistance and cardio - in 45 mins you do a superset weights session and a high intensity interval training session - 2
sessions in 1

10 I practice what I preach - what I give you to do is what I do - the same training in the same way with the same results

Training Program Content:

The programs I run are based on my experience as an athlete combined with the knowledge I gained as a physical educator.
My fitness obsession is a good thing - I'm constantly attending industry conferences, reading new research and ideas and
where they're suitable, incorporating them into the training.

Over the years fads and come and gone, but the basics of training have not changed significantly since the '80s.  There is
now a whole lot more research underpinning those practices, and apart from changes to warm up activities and some tweaks
in the strength area what was 'old' is 'new' again - particularly in the area of intensity.  The training principles are the same
whoever you are, but the application is individual in relation to the actual exercises, the weights, sets and reps and the interval
training that is best for you.

The sessions consist of a warm up, a training program core that includes resistance training and interval training, and a cool
down / stretching session.  The resistance training work is mostly free weights and dumbbells with some body weight and swiss
ball work incorporated.  We use some other devices in the training such as TRX and powerbands, but all sparingly and

Diet and Other Exercise
Part of the service for regular clients is provision of homework!  The program I write for you includes a daily diary of fitness
activities for you to do between sessions with me.  These are body weight only sessions aimed at achieving your goal in a
shorter time.  Where your gym P.T. is not qualified to give you dietary advice, as a degree qualified physical education teacher
I certainly am.  I'll guide you on dietary issues in line with up to date guidelines and research.
One on One Fitness
After your initial P.T. session will you
stick to your program?

That's where the personal trainer
comes in.  But don't bother with the
gym - come straight to the source.  
I've worked in plenty of gyms... see

Gym Programs
Yes you may be a member at a local
gym, or even a 24 hour access gym
with great equipment and
convenience... but how accessible
are the personal trainers?  

And if they are, how do you know if
they're any good?  Dig deeper and
you'll .. see

Running Training
Running Fun Runs can be a little
frustrating if your times are not
improving.  If you're running for
enjoyment but still want to improve
along the way, you may need to
include some quality interval training
in your program.

You can follow training programs on
your smart phone, or get ... see

Wedding Fitness
Give me at least six weeks and we
can make you look better for your
wedding.  The longer the time the
more fantastical you're going to
look of course. I'll run you through
an assessment so that we can
measure your progress  see

12 Week Journey
Start now to your New Body.  This
program caters for men and women,
young and old, thin or large...
whatever you are now you can

It starts with a free assessment and
discussion where we can decide if
this is the right program for you.  see