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Proprietor Chris Sporton B.Ed.(Phys Ed)., Dip R.M., Cert IV TAA, Dip Pol Sup, Cert IV M.T.P., Level 2 First Aid
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If you have an on going chronic issue based on muscle weakness or
imbalance, you will have the opportunity to undertake an exercise
program free of charge.  The exercises you will be given are taken
from those below, and so they're here for your reference.

Strengthening Exercises
Addressing muscular imbalance is an important way to ensure the
treatment you receive for soreness or injury is maximised.  Prevention
of recurrence requires some maintenance by way of strengthening
weak muscles.  Most of the activities below use a resistance band.  As
a Fix Your Body client you get one for free.

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Warm Up Rotations
The following are examples of  'dynamic stretching' and mobility
exercises which could form part of the warm up program in a training
session.  The dynamic exercises you incorporate into your warm up
program should be appropriate to the movements you would
experience in your sport or event.  In all the exercises breathe easily
whilst performing them.

Current research work detailed in Medicine & Science in Sport and
Exercise 33(3), pp354-358 and Journal of Strength and Conditioning
Research, vol 15 (1): 98-101 suggests that the use slow controlled
movements through the full range of motion are the most appropriate
exercises for the warm up.  By contrast, static stretches are more
appropriate for the cool down.

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Stretching Activities

Stretching is best done after sufficient blood flow has been achieved -
i.e. after a full warm up or better still at the end of your session.

here for the list

here for my youtube channel with a variety of exercises from
many of my sessions.