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Why do you have a cancellation policy?

The cost of running a business includes the cost of taking on a client in a particular time slot versus having that slot available for
someone else.

Clearly I'm in the business of booking the slots, but if you take the slot and don't use it at short notice, particularly the evening slots after
4pm, there is a cost to me of the people who want the slot but can't get it and don't book in as a consequence.

That slot has to be paid for if you take it, and so if you cancel at short notice
you bear the cost.

That's only fair.  If I have no policy then the cost of those slots would have to be part of the pricing policy and everyone else would have to
pay more.  And that's not fair. Running a small business is hard work.  Cancellations are a major cost in the type of business I run.

So what is the cancellation policy?

1. Cancellations require 24 hours notice.  Timely will send you a text at this time, so an allowance will me made within an hour for you to
see the text reminder.

2. Cancellations after this time will be invoiced for the cost of the appointment you made.  

3. Exceptions to this policy are as follows:
  1. If you re-book the appointment within a week from the cancelled appointment time there is no cancellation charge
  2. If you are a PT client, and you show up and I send you home because you are sick or injured
  3. If you are a regular client and this is a one off situation.

4.  Cancellations of more than 24 hours incur no cost, except that personal training sessions that are not re-booked will change the per-
session rate.  The remaining sessions will be charged according to the new number of sessions in that week.  For example if you have
booked 3 sessions and cancel one, you will be invoiced at the two session per week rate. The rates are published on the
Fitness page.

What if I don't pay your invoice?

If I invoice you for a late cancellation and you don't accept liability then I won't accept any bookings from you until you pay.  We can discuss
a payment plan if necessary and may re-start bookings pending the discussion.

Flat out refusal incurs a debt on your behalf that I will pursue in the normal course of business.  This may involve debt agency action and
credit reference agency notification.  

Something Else

I also have a policy of not accepting bookings from people who regularly cancel bookings for trivial reasons.  Believe it or not some people
do book and constantly cancel.  So far there are two people on this list!  I don't have time to run a business and work around chronically
under organised time wasters.

Questions or comments?

Send me an email here
ABN 95 654 931 799
25 Verbena St, Blackburn North
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