25 Verbena St,
Blackburn North Vic 3130

mobile: 0414 331 629
ABN 95 654 931 799
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Fix Your Body Massage + Fitness | 25 Verbena St, Blackburn North Victoria 3130 | mobile 0414 331 629 | ABN 95 654 931 799
www.fixyourbody.com.au | Email: chris@fixyourbody.com.au | AAMT 020130 | Physical Activity Australia KA23070
Proprietor Chris Sporton B.Ed.(Phys Ed)., Dip R.M., Cert IV TAA, Dip Pol Sup, Cert IV M.T.P., Level 2 First Aid
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Why Come To Me? 10 Reasons...

1. I won't waste your time - 45-50 minutes in and out - at a work rate
the same as you would use spending 90 minutes in the gym.  You can
come as early as
6am or as late as 9 pm

2. I'm cost effective  - one on one sessions thee times per week $40
per session is much cheaper than your gym P.T.

3. I know what I'm doing - I'm a degree qualified physical educator, not
a 22 week trained P.T. I've been doing this for over 25 years for all sorts
of people from athletes to obese, with 16 to 60 year old clients

4. My sessions are evidence based - no wacky way out theories just
straight science- everything is research based and proven to work.  I
can show you the research and explain how it works

5. No sit ups - only functional core strength activities that really work and
multiple joint exercises that are time efficient.  Mostly we use dumbbells
to combine upper and lower body work with some body weight
exercises and exercise ball work

6. I can sort your diet out - again using research based principles that
work we can change the way you eat and think about food.  If you want to
lose weight quickly I can help you and explain the pros and cons, or if
you want a more smooth transition to a new life of fitness I can do that

7. Massage Therapy - you can take advantage of discounted  massage
sessions.  On the odd occasion you are very fatigued a massage
replaces your P.T. session at no extra cost.

8. One on One - boot camps are great but you can cheat.  I'll watch your
form, make you do all the right reps and work at a high intensity.  You
just need to show up with your water bottle and I'll do the rest... design
your program, tell when to start and stop, increase your weights
incrementally, change your exercises every four-six weeks, count your
reps even!  Most importantly I'll ensure correct and accurate form to
maximise the work you do.

9. Resistance and cardio - in 45 mins you do a superset weights
session and a high intensity interval training session - 2 sessions in 1
in half the time.  It's not new  - this type of training has been around for
25 years and I've been doing it - but it's 'new again'!!!

10 I practice what I preach - what I give you to do is what I do - the
same training in the same way with the same results
Free physical assessment, free dietary analysis,
discounted remedial massage, free away program... pay
only for your three One on One sessions

New Body P.T. sessions at $40 per
session ($120 per week) for 12 weeks to success... You
can book on the

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